Save and Win with SaveUp

America Saves is Putting the Fun Back in Savings with SaveUp!

America Saves is committed to finding innovative ways to help you save successfully.

On SaveUp you will earn credits every time you save. You can use your credits to play for great sponsored prizes like:

  • $50,000 debt pay-off, scholarships and travel 
  • cash prizes including a $2M jackpot

Over 5,000 people have won prizes big and small on SaveUp for making smart financial choices.

Reward yourself: It's FREE!

Every time you make a deposit in your own savings account or make an on-time payment on your own loan - you get chances to win real prizes with SaveUp.

Get Rewarded for Taking the America Saves Pledge

  • 100 bonus credits + 5 bonus plays

Add Rewards for Signing Up for Savings Text Messages

  • 200 bonus credits + 10 bonus plays

Already part of America Saves and want the link?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your full name and we will send you the special link to receive 100 bonus credits.

What is SaveUp?

SaveUp is a rewards program that helps Americans succeed financially by encouraging them to adopt good financial behaviors, such as saving money and paying down debt. By rewarding people with the chance to win valuable or life-changing prizes, we hope to motivate them to become savers instead of spenders.

How does SaveUp work?

After registering savings and debt-bearing accounts with SaveUp, users earn credits by making deposits into their savings account or paying down debt. Credits can be redeemed for a chance to win prizes and users can earn additional credits by participating in daily challenges, engaging with educational content on the site or participating in social actions to help others save.

What kind of accounts can be linked to SaveUp?

Users can register any savings or debt-bearing accounts with SaveUp, including IRAs, 401Ks, mortgages, student loans or credit cards at more than 18,000 US financial institutions.

Have more questions about what SaveUp is or how it works? Visit this SaveUp FAQ page.


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