ASW2016 Savings Focus: Pay off High-Interest Debt

It’s the last day of America Saves Week, and while we're sorry to see it go, we're so grateful for all the participation from our partners and friends in personal finance - and savers like you!

Our final savings focus is paying off high-interest debt. With planning, discipline, patience, and maybe some outside help, almost anyone can reduce their debts and start to accumulate wealth. Find places to cut your spending so that you can pay down your debts faster and find places to trim your expenses.

Participant Spotlight

  • For Military Saves Week 2016, the U.S. Army’s goal is to reach 20,000 pledges during the first quarter (Jan. 1-March 31, 2016). To date, the Army is leading the other six Armed Forces branches with nearly 4,000 pledges. In addition, more than 150 Army installations and units have signed up to participate in #MSW2016 at locations around the country and world. To celebrate what is perhaps the world’s largest financial readiness party, Army installations, units and Financial Readiness Programs are hosting proclamation signings, info tables, financial workshops and fairs. For a list of specific #MSW2016 events and activities, visit:
  • Alabama Saves is getting savers involved in the Week through interactive activities. The Regions Institute for Financial Education (RIFE) in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Collat School of Business is holding a poster contest February 15-19 for seventh through ninth grade students throughout the state of Alabama. The purpose of the contest is to promote saving throughout Alabama and encourage Alabamians to take the America Saves pledge. To enter, students create a poster that answers the question “Why is Saving Important?”

Organizations like yours are sharing their activities and results with America Saves throughout the week. Find out more on what others have done for America Saves Week at

More Events & Activities

Have you participated in a #ASW2016 tweet chat? A webinar? An on-site event? If you’ve taken any action during America Saves Week, make sure that your efforts are recognized! Sign up for America Saves Week 2016 by clicking the button below to have your organization listed as a 2016 Participating Organization.


Tweet chats for America Saves Week might be at an end, but the conversation never stops! Follow @AmericaSaves for updates on the blog, research announcements, and the latest news in personal finance. We also regularly participate in #CreditChat with Experian, #WBChat with Wisebread, and #CashChat with Tarra Jackson.

Facebook Events 

Spring Savings: Learn to Save and Clean Credit — March 20-27 from 9:00 am - noon Haven Neighborhood Services is doing a week long questions and answers on Facebook and Twitter. they will explain ways to save and clean your credit. Consumers can ask us your questions about: budgeting, credit scores, foreclosure prevention and home buying. We will be providing free information about saving and answering all questions. This is a FREE event, all information is at no cost!

Free Webinars

Maintaining Your Auto - Thursday, March 17 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Tampa Bay Saves in partnership with Florida Saves discusses automobile care tips to give you peace of mind.

Traditional vs Roth IRAs - Wednesday, March 30 from 12:00 -1:00 pm
Tampa Bay Saves in partnership with Florida Saves will discuss how IRAs fit into investment goals and factors to consider when comparing traditional and Roth IRAs.

Take the Pledge

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Tip of the Day

  • Written by Administrator2 | January 13, 2014

    Never purchase expensive items on impulse. Think over each expensive purchase for at least 24 hours. Acting on this principle will mean you have far fewer regrets about impulse purchases, and far more money for emergency savings.

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