Simple tips for saving money every day

A little bit of savings can go a long way and by now, you’re probably familiar with the basics. You’ve probably heard America Saves talk about how cutting your soda consumption during the week or coffee on your way to work can save you a few hundred dollars a year or how challenging yourself to bring your lunch to work every day for a week can help you stick a few dollars back in your pocket. Just a few simple changes to your daily spending habits can mean the difference between saving money and, well, not.

The options for saving on everyday expenses are seemingly endless, once you start looking for them. With help from Better Money Habits, here are a few tips for finding more ways to save in your everyday life:

1. Shopping

There are some great ways to cut down your shopping bill right away: make a list to avoid impulse purchases, clip coupons, or look at the price-per-unit cost to help you make the most of your cash. The savings don’t stop there:

2. At home

The basics at home are easy: turn off the lights when you leave a room, unplug gadgets when you aren’t using them, or monitor your air conditioning unit to avoid major electricity spikes. Here’s a lesser known options for saving at home:

3. Transportation

The savings options here are subjective based on lifestyle choices: where you live, how far you are from your job, how walkable or bike-friendly your area is, etc.

Saving money doesn’t mean having to sacrificing fun and it doesn’t mean you have to do the math on ever spending decision you make. Being mindful of where your money is going and on the impact of a few simple trade-offs can add up in the long run and help you to get creative about finding ways to save on everyday expenses that work with your lifestyle.

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