Throwing a Birthday Party That Saves You Money

Bday CakeOver the weekend, I went to a wonderful birthday party for my friend’s daughter Lana. Not only did Lana turn three last week, but she also started her first week of school. Needless to say, it was a big week for both Lana and her parents.

The party was just wonderful, and Lana’s parents did a few cleaver things to save money that I wanted to share with all of you.

Make Your Own Cake

A few nights before the party, I visited my friends and found that they were already preparing for the birthday party. Three women were in the kitchen working with all kinds of colorful fondant frosting. One was forming a green dragon while the others were busy rolling out fondant to cut into letters.

I will admit that it does help to have a friend who is handy with this kind of stuff, but it’s something anyone can do.  Make your own cake in order to save money.

Cook Brunch Instead of Catering

Another great saving tip I learned from the party is to make your own brunch items. There was a table full of pancakes, scones, quiche, and other breakfast items for guests to eat. Not only is making your own food cheaper than buying it, but going with these brunch items rather than lunch items probably cost less as well.

Ask for Things Your Child Needs

The birthday child inevitably gets so many presents. The parents came up with the great idea of asking for school supplies for Lana and her class instead of toys. From all the supplies they got, I’m guessing Lana’s parents won’t have to buy school supplies for the next three years. It’s a great tip, ask for things your child needs.

So next time you throw a party for your child, make sure to include what you want people to give on the invitation.  I suggest opening a college savings account and asking people to contribute. A 529 account is a great option because anyone can contribute.

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