Halloween Help For Parents: 6 Tips For Super-Simple, No-Cost Costumes

October 26, 2011

GhostDon’t spend money on an outfit your child will most likely wear only once! Have fun, get creative, and keep your money in your pocket (and your budget) by using everyday items in your own home to create an unforgettable costume for your child. Search in your closets, and scour through your clothes drawers to find easy help for dressing up your child—on the cheap.

1. Grab your sheets.

Bed sheets can be used for everything from a cape to a toga to a spooky little ghost (thank you, Charlie Brown).  Hopefully, there’s an old one hanging around. If not, snatch one from your linen closet (or someone’s bed) for a last-minute save.

2. Dig for scraps.

Fabric scraps or pieces of old clothing can be cut into various shapes and sewn or pinned on overalls to show off the rugged character of a little farmer or scarecrow. Use pinking shears to add fun detail to scraps before attaching to costumes.

3. Play up an outfit with accessories.

These items can pull your child’s character together and make them extra cute while ringing doorbells and begging for candy.

4. Bet on boxes

Cut holes for arms and a neck in a big cardboard box to turn a young child into an adorable robot or a Lego block.

5. Play up the face

Make your own simple face paint and use it on your child as the focal point of their “costume.” Then, simply dress them in an appropriate solid color, or choose black shirt and black sweat pants to draw attention to the face.

Rhonda Franz is the managing editor of parentingsquad.com, and writes on family, parenting, and cooking for regional parenting magazines.