Keeping and Building Strong Relationships Throughout the Holiday Season

December 18, 2012
By Suzanne Mayo-Theus, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Child Development and Family Studies, in the College of Education and Human Development at Southern University at New Orleans and Louisiana Saves

The holiday season can become a stress-filled time for families, work, and for those who have to entertain family and friends. None of us can escape the new trends of “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” so we all must remind ourselves of the real meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The key to surviving the holiday season blues is to focus on yourself FIRST and plan ahead for the holiday season.  Having been through various holidays with major health problems facing me this article is written to help those of you who are beginning to stress over the mountain of tasks associated with these great and wonderful holidays. You may have family members who will arrive soon on your doorstep. You may be busy with cooking and cleaning, or the almighty task of purchasing items that we all probably do not need, but want, during this holiday spending cycle – JUST HOLD ON. Here are just a few tips that might help you DE-STRESS for the upcoming holiday season:

Keeping and Building Strong Relationships During The Holidays:

    • Always maintain your calmness, do not get overwhelmed with anything.
    • Do not overact to the small things…take deep breaths 3 times a day (morning, noon and evening) and count to 5 before answering or responding to things that annoy you.
    • Pre-plan your meals, cooking, holiday parties and activities, and shopping.
  • Do not overspend on anything.  If you cannot afford it, don’t do it or ask others to pitch in.
  • Ask for help with the chores.
  • Get the kids involved. This will keep them engaged and teach them to be involved in the holiday season activities.
  • Forgive others, including family, for past problems and remember to forgive yourself throughout the holiday season. This tip will keep you grounded in the real meaning of the holiday season.
  • Enjoy the holiday season and write down 3 things you are thankful for.
  • If you will be alone for the holidays, call a close friend and tell them why you love them and write a letter to them thanking them for being in your life. Keep yourself busy….do not allow yourself to get the holiday blues.

Free Activity: Watch a comedy or movie that you like each day.  Go the library to check out a good movie each day during the holiday season…THEY ARE FREE!

Trust me. If you follow these few tips throughout the holiday season, time will pass quickly and peacefully.  You will keep, build, and maintain those relationships that are important in your life now and help renew them for the future.  More especially you will not get the “Holiday Blues” and if you do…they won’t stay with you long…I Promise.


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