Military Saves Launches “National Guard Summer Savings Drive”

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June 4, 2013
By Tiffany Sweat
Military Saves Intern: National Guard Project

Military Saves is pleased to announce the launch of the first National Guard Summer Savings Drive. Click here to read the full press release. The Drive will take place June 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013, to encourage Guard members and their families to take the Military Saves pledge as a commitment to save regularly.

What is the National Guard Summer Savings Drive?

The National Guard Summer Savings Drive is a campaign to promote Guard members, spouses, children/youth, and all DoD civilians and families to take the Military Saves Pledge. Military Saves has teamed up with the National Guard Bureau, the NG State and Family Program Directors, and the contracted Personal Financial Counselors to reach the Guard and Reserve population. Organizations that work with a National Guard population can take advantage of this savings drive by signing up to participate ( and downloading to help plan and promote a pledge drive in their area.

How Do I Participate as an Organization/Installation?

1.Sign-up to participate
2.    Share Military Saves
Download Resources
4.    Encourage everyone to take the
Military Saves pledge or re-pledge

How Do I Participate as an Individual?

1.    Take the Military Saves pledge and encourage others to take the pledge or re-pledge
2.    Assess your savings progress, develop a savings plan or debt reduction plan, start saving or commit to add to your saving.
3.    Make it automatic!  Set-up an automatic transfer to your savings account or increase your retirement contribution by 1%.
4.    Become a part of Military Saves by “liking” us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and Pinterest and reading our blog.

Why Take the Pledge?

Taking the Military Saves pledge is a promise to oneself to exercise good financial habits and encourage other Americans to do the same. Savers who enrol online receive e-newsletters with military-specific financial information, daily updates on Facebook andTwitter, and servicemembers/spouses receive a free myFICO credit score courtesy of FINRA Foundation.

Financial readiness of military families is a priority for the Department of Defense. Military Saves provides support and information to help servicemembers and their families build personal savings, provide for their immediate needs, and reach long term goals. Financial Stability takes consistent action over time. Small steps to pay off debt and save can help members and families build wealth, not debt.

Take the Military Saves Pledge today and then visit for information and inspiration.

Take the Pledge

I pledge to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth over time. I will encourage my family and friends to do the same

Take the America Saves Pledge

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