10 Money Tips for College Grads

By Brian Page, a nationally celebrated financial educator and advocate. He is currently developing a Financial Skills blended learning program for LifeDojo. You can follow him on Twitter @FinEdChat.

1. Invest for retirement right away by fully matching your employer’s retirement plan

2. Get organized and stay motivated

3. Save for emergencies and future opportunities right away by setting up a direct deposit [split deposit] into checking, saving, and retirement

4. Rent [or mortgage payments] should be easy to afford

5. Pay for your next car with cash [if you can].

6. Pay off any high interest debt as fast as possible

7. Insure yourself, and your stuff

8. Protect your financial reputation

  1. Pay every bill in full and on time
  2. Use your credit card to help build your credit score. Borrow no more than 30% [ideally 10%] of the credit limit each billing cycle and always pay the full balance prior to the due date [Remember, you’re trying to build a credit history so don’t unnecessarily close your account]
  3. Don’t overextend yourself using any type of credit [auto, mortgage, credit card, etc.]

9. Turn your phone into a financial tool

10. Protect your digital reputation