Learn How to Create a Local Saves Program with Our New Campaign Organizing Guide

Did you know America Saves has over 60 local America Saves campaigns nationwide?

Local America Saves campaigns are a component of the national America Saves campaign that seeks to motivate, encourage, and support low-to-moderate income households to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth.

Download the New Local Campaign Organizing Guide

America Saves local campaigns are independent efforts linked to the national America Saves campaign through an affiliation agreement and by a common belief that positive savings behavior is the cornerstone of financial stability and wealth creation.

One of the strengths of becoming a local America Saves campaign is a uniformity of core services, messages, and products that each campaign customizes to reflect their own community. Social marketing efforts, like America Saves, can change behavior over time (several years), and we know that efforts to motivate individuals are more effective from a local or community perspective.

Therefore, a campaign should be prepared to engage in a multiyear effort to communicate with individuals through community-wide marketing such as local news coverage, radio ads, transit posters, email, social media, and blogs. Campaigns also reach individuals through employers, schools, churches, community groups, and financial institutions by partnering with and providing those organizations with savings information, motivation, and opportunities to share with their clients, customers, etc.

 If you are interested in organizing a community campaign, we are eager to help. America Saves supports affiliated campaigns with a significant amount of resources, materials and technical assistance, including a support structure for both campaigns and individual Savers.

To start, we provide a local campaign organizing guide that takes you step by step through the process of creating your Saves initiative and includes lots of ready-to-use resources.

After taking a look at the organizing guide, you will want to talk to Joanne Martonik (202-387-6121 ext. 1019), who is always ready to discuss your plans, answer any questions, and work with you to help develop your campaign. If Joanne isn’t available, just ask to speak to any of us at America Saves.


We look forward to hearing from you!