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Don’t Increase Debt During the Holidays

Debt Holiday
Written by Katie Bryan · 15 November 2011

I read an article yesterday that Americans will spend an average of $719 on holiday gifts this year. And it seems like there are even more temptations to spend this year – from stores opening early on Thanksgiving to commercial jingles about using layaway.

With all these temptations around, it’s important to remind ourselves that there is more to the holidays than gifts and that we SHOULD NOT spend money we don’t have. Roughly one in six Savers that has joined America Saves has selected paying off consumer debts as their wealth-building goal. We want to help savers achieve this goal and be able to buy the gifts they need to this holiday season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep Gift Giving to a Minimum
      • Figure out which gifts are absolutely essential – often times this will be gifts for a child or loved one.

Retirement Resources

Written by Super User · 08 November 2011

Green Pig

November 8, 2011

By Katie Bryan, America Saves Communications Manager

Each quarter at America Saves, we put together a resource packet around a particular theme. Our fourth quarter theme for 2011 is retirement. We put these resources together so that others will share the information in order to help people save more successfully.

How Organizers Can Use the Packet

Organizers and organizations can use the materials in the resource packet to reach out to the public, employees, members, or customers on the importance of starting and investing in their retirement.

How Individuals Can Use the Packet

The resource packet contains all kinds of information on retirement. It includes links to articles, guides, and online calculators. Make sure you are on track to reach your retirement goal and read the latest retirement news and trends.

Financial Literacy is a Lifelong Endeavor

Written by Super User · 03 November 2011

November 3, 2011

By Elaine Genevro, Senior Vice President and Regional Executive, Union Bank, N.A.

Elaine GenevroToday, many consumers are experiencing some sort of financial challenge that may be causing stress in their everyday lives. According to a report by the Federal Reserve, Americans carry more than $2 trillion in consumer debt, and a Harris Poll reports that 30 percent of consumers report living from paycheck to paycheck.

These and other reports reveal that financial literacy is a vital skill that everyone should work at throughout their lifetime.  In school and at home, it is important for children to learn skills that will help them become financially responsible adults.  Adults who continue to educate themselves throughout their lifetime help build a sound financial future for themselves and their families, and financially secure individuals and families help build a thriving economy.

As we head into a new year, it is a good time to focus on enhancing your financial education and that of your loved ones.  From encouraging children to save their allowances to learning how to plan for a secure retirement, here are some tips you can use to help at each stage of your life:

Video: What to Look for in a Bank Account

Written by Super User · 02 November 2011

Check out this video made by the teens from Young Illinois Saves on what you should look for in a bank account.

Learn more about Young America Saves and have your teen join Young America Saves today.

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Saving for the Zombie Apocalypse

Written by Super User · 31 October 2011

October 31, 2011

By Katie Bryan, America Saves Communications Manager

zombiesOctober 31st seems as likely a day as any for the start of a Zombie Apocalypse. Just imagine, Zombies are coming and you need to move quickly. But does your emergency plan take your finances into account? Are financial documents part of your emergency bag? Do you have items in a safe-deposit box? Can you access your finances online?

While we will probably never see a zombie apocalypse, we have seen everything in the past year from earthquakes to hurricanes. It is important to have an emergency plan and to make sure your finances are part of that plan. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips from the FDIC:

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Tip of the Day

  • Written by Tammy G. Bruzon | January 16, 2017

    Do you need to file a tax return in 2017? This #BetterMoneyHabits video can help you find out:

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