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Katie Bryan

Communications Director

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Katie Bryan joined Consumer Federation of America (CFA) in 2011 to assist in the development and communications functions for America Saves, a program that encourages Americans to build wealth not debt. Bryan also directs the campaigns social media, websites, media relations, and America Saves Week - an annual event involving over 1000 organizations. Additionally, Bryan works to promote issues across CFA.

In 2013 she managed the creation of a text message initiative where savers can sign up to receive goal-based text message tips and reminders to encourage them to save more successfully.

Previously Bryan served as the senior communications specialist at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) and handled many of the association’s websites and social networking functions. In her five years at CHPA, Bryan worked closely on initiatives both of the CHPA Educational Foundation to promote the safe use of over-the-counter medicines and efforts to prevent medicine abuse.

Bryan received a B.A. in political science from the University of Santa Barbara in 2005 and a M.A. in communications from Johns Hopkins University in 2012.

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