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The following are articles that have appeared across the country about America Saves and its local campaigns.


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WZZM-TV Online - This Next Week is America Saves Week (2/24/2019)
Knoxville Daily Sun - TDCI, NASAA Provide Investor Tips For America Saves Week, Feb. 25 (2/24/2019)
WZZM-TV Online - Start Saving Money Better (2/24/2019)
South Bend Tribune Online - Savings by Americans Trending Lower (2/24/2019)
Register-Herald Online - Firm Earns "Outstanding" Rating For Its Community Reinvestment Performance (2/24/2019)
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Online - Canary in a Coal Mine (2/24/2019)
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Reuters Online - Your Money: Unhappy with your tax refund? Make your own! (2/23/2019)
Also published in:

Valley Courier - Online - Tips to Help Grow Your Savings in 2019 (2/23/2019)
WCBS-TV - Online- Teaching Teens How To Manage Their Money (2/23/2019)
Targeted News Service Online - FDIC Encourages Consumers to Set Financial Goals and Learn More About Options for Saving (2/23/2019)
Braintree Forum Online - EVERYTHING SOCIAL SECURITY: America Saves Week is a Good Time to Plan For Your Future (2/23/2019) - City of Boston to Celebrate America Saves Week With Free Events to Promote Savings (2/23/2019)
Hays Post - Celebrate Kansas Saves Week Feb. 25 to March 3 (2/23/2019)
Wickedlocal Norwell - America Saves Week Is A Good Time to Plan For Your Future (2/23/2019)
UAB Health System - The Reporter - Get Your Money Right With Financial Coaching (2/22/2019)
Tennessee State Government - TDCI, NASAA Provide Investor Tips for America Saves Week (Feb. 25 – March 2) (2/22/2019)
Journal Times Online - Retirement Planning Workshop Offered Tuesday at Racine Library (2/22/2019)
The Washington Post - Perspective | Does America Have a Savings Crisis? (2/22/2019)
         Also published in:

DNews - Latah Credit Union To Host Piggy Bank Contest (2/22/2019)
Fox Rochester Online - How & Why to Recommit to Your Savings in 2019 (2/22/2019)
Publicnow - FDIC Encourages Consumers to Set Financial Goals and Learn More about Options for Saving (2/22/2019)
       Also published in:

HamletHub Local News - CT Saves Campaign Promotes Increased Saving (2/22/2019)
News Eagle Online - HNB Celebrates America Saves Week (2/21/2019)
Make Money Your Way - Get "Saving Savvy" (2/21/2019)
Herald Union - Campaign Promotes Healthy Spending Habits (2/21/2019)
Arizona Republic Online - America Faces Savings Crisis: 1,500 Organizations Help (2/21/2019)
         Also published in:

Herald Union - Campaign Promotes Healthy Spending Habits (2/21/2019)
GOBankingRates - 8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Savings Now If You Have Less Than $1,000 Saved (2/20/2019)
The Holyoke Enterprise - Banks Help Promote America Saves Week (2/20/2019) - Brad and Paul Schedule: February 20th (2/20/2019)
Independent Banker - Online - ICBA Expands Toolkit to Promote Savings (2/20/2019)
Prince William Living - Now is the Time to Save (2/20/2019)
Follow News - AMERICA SAVES WEEK | #AmericaSavesWeek (2/19/2019)
Publicnow - Department Announces America and Military Saves Week is February 25th to March 2nd (2/19/2019)
Boston Herald Online - Get ahead With America Saves Week (2/19/2019)
         Also published in:

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Online - Set a Savings Goal and Follow It (2/19/2019)
Racine County Eye - WWBIC Hosts Retirement Planning 101 Workshop (2/19/2019)
The Herald Bulletin Online - Charo Boyd Column: Set a Goal, Make Plan, and Save For Retirement (2/18/2019)
newtoncountytimes - Save the Dates for America Saves Week: Feb. 25-March 2 (2/16/2019)
Pantagraph Online - Social Security Aids With America Saves Week (2/16/2019)
         Also published in:

World News Network- Social security AND America Saves Week (2/16/2019)
         Also published in:

World News Network - Social Security Aids With America Saves Week (2/16/2019)
The Daily Courier Online - Column: Social Security and America Saves Week (2/15/2019)
UAB Health System - The Reporter - New Tools Help You Take Charge of Your Financial Health (2/15/2019)
SHRM Online - During Tax Season, Remind Modest Earners About the Saver's Credit (2/15/2019)
The Daily Courier Online - Column: Social Security and America Saves Week (2/15/2019)
The Holyoke Enterprise - Ideas to Help You Save in 2019 (2/14/2019)
Delta News Web - Set a Savings Goal (2/14/2019)
The Bridge Online - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Encourages Saving at Tax Time (2/7/2019)
World News Network - Social Security and America Saves Week (2/7/2019)
        Also published in:

NAFCU Journal Online - NAFCU Touts CUs' Financial Literacy, Retirement Programs to Senate Panel (2/6/2019)
Kenyon Leader - Online - Pledge to Save Money During America Saves Week (2/5/2019)
Hustler Money Blog - Top Ten Bank Promotions in Texas (2/5/2019)
Napa Valley Register Online - The Importance of a Nest Egg (2/4/2019)
Charleston Gazette-Mail Online - United Bank Recognized For Community Lending (2/2/2019)
        Also published in: - New Horizons Credit Union Participates in National America & Military Saves Week (2/1/2019)
Investopedia - Introduction To Financial Planning Organizations (1/30/2019)
MSN Money (US) - Saving Your Tax Refund Can Be Worth $10,000 (1/29/2019)
SHRM Online - At Tax Time, Urge Review of Paycheck Withholding and Retirement Savings (1/29/2019)
MSN - Saving Your Tax Refund Can Be Worth $10,000 (1/29/2019)
Herald-Dispatch Online - Business Roundup (1/27/2019)
U.S. Department of Labor - U.S. Department of Labor Provides Compliance Assistance Resources to Secure Employee Benefits (1/26/2019)
        Also published in:

Daily Record Online - Points to Ponder: Saving Money (1/22/2019)
BCNN1 - More Companies Helping Workers Build Emergency Funds (1/11/2019)
KUSA-TV Online - America Saves Week (1/11/2019) 
Reuters Online - Money woes? More companies help workers build emergency funds (1/11/2019)
        Also published in: - 'Tis the Season for New Year's Financial Resolutions (1/7/2019)
GOBankingRates - 7 Financial Resolutions That Will Really Have a Big Impact on Your Wallet in 2019 (1/4/2019)


WRAL TechWire - Duke students drive new banking app to help teens manage finances (10/25/2018)
New York Times - An Alternative to Payday Loans, but It’s Still High Cost (9/21/2018)
CU Today - More Than 60,000 Youth Were Reached By Savings Program (8/20/2018)
NerdWallet - How to stretch summer job money (8/10/2018)
Bankrate - How to save money: 15 savings tips you can use to reach your financial goals (8/2/2018)
Consumer Affairs - Survey finds average millennial wants to retire at 61 (7/19/2018)
Consumer Affairs - Americans' Savings Rate Drops in April (6/1/2018)
The Penny Hoarder - Need a Reason to Save Your Tax Refund? This Contest Will Pay You $10K (3/19/2018)
New York Times - How Saving Some of Your Tax Refund Could Win You a Cash Prize (3/16/2018)


ConsumerAffairs - An emergency savings fund can start with a modest amount (9/15/2017)
New York Times - Stung by Overdraft Fees? U.S. Nudges Banks to Explain Rules Better (8/11/2017)
Bankrate - It's war! Online banks are battling to offer the best rates on savings accounts (8/11/2017
GoBankingRates - Interesting Facts You Should Know About Your Paycheck (8/1/2017)
The Press Democrat - Santa Rosa mom wins $25,000 — for stashing away some savings (6/19/2017)
New York Times - Steer Clear of This ‘Bad Idea’: Cash Advances on Credit Cards (5/18/2017)
Mic Payoff - What to do with your tax refund: Here's the best way to use that check from the IRS (4/22/2017)
NerdWallet - 9 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund (3/21/2017)
Motley Fool – 6 Tips to Boost Your Savings (3/18/2017)
New York Times - Ways to Save (and Not Spend) Your Tax Refund (3/17/2017)
Motley Fool – America, It’s Time to Save (3/1/2017)
Huffington Post – America Saves Week: The Future is Now! (2/28/2017)
Tampa Bay Times – Why can’t we save enough money? After decade, surveys warn savings habits still eroding (2/28/2017)
Forbes – These Simple Money Hacks Can Help You Save Hundreds This Week (2/27/2017)
Huffington Post – Make the Most of Your 401(k) this America Saves Week (2/27/2017)
The Baltimore Sun – Financial experts push tax season as prime time to start saving (2/26/2017)


MarketWatch - Does Wal-Mart have the answer to make America save again?
AP - Ask Brianna: Is the 'gig economy' all it's cracked up to be?
TIME - 5 Ways to Make Yourself a Better Retirement Saver (7/20/2016)
CNBC - How to meet your savings goals (4/26/2016)
Public News Service - New Mexico Residents Rank 44th in Personal Savings (2/25/2016)
New York Times - Unexpected, but Not Unusual, Expenses Thwart Efforts to Save (1/9/2016)


New York Times - U.S. Offers Account to Encourage Retirement Saving (11/4/2015)
CNBC - Nearly half of Americans have no savings: Survey (10/6/2015)
Journal-News - Laid low by high debts (9/6/2015)
U.S. News & World Report - Why Our Savings Rate Is Falling, and What to Do About It (7/15/2015)
New York Times - Americans Are Delaying Major Life Events Because of Money Worries (6/26/2015)
Kiplinger - The Value of Summer Jobs for Teens (6/24/2015)
New York Times - Appeal of Savings Bonds Wanes in Ultralow Interest Environment (5/28/2015)
The Kansas City Star - Saving money is no game — or is it? (4/1/2015)
New York Times - Seeing a Tax Refund as a Financial Opportunity (3/31/2015)
TIME - Americans Are Optimistic About the Economy Again (1/23/2015)
amNewYork - 'Save more money!' is a popular resolution: Here's help to make it happen (1/11/2015)


CU Today - 3,500 College Students Take Savings Pledge (11/17/2014)
Inside Tuscon Business - New trend points to Americans saving more - here’s how (10/17/2014)
DepositAccounts - Millennials Just Saying No to Saving (10/12/2014)
MainStreet - Why Aren't More Young Americans Stashing Cash in the Bank? (10/10/2014)
St. Louis Business Journal - Young adults show less interest in saving (10/8/2014)
Marine Corp Times - Consumer Watch: Coalition offers financial tools, resources for vets (7/31/2014) - How to Build a $1,000 Emergency Fund in 10 Months (7/22/2014)
Star Tribune - Boosting savings and slashing debt are key to greater financial independence (7/2/2014)

MarketWatch - JPMorgan Chase & Co. Commits $5 Million to Helping Youth in America Build Strong Foundations for Successful Careers (6/24/2014)
1 in 10 New Yorkers Doesn't Have a Bank Account (6/7/2014)
6 Reasons to Save for Retirement at Your First Job (4/28/2014)
Real Estate Today (Radio) - Buy That House! (3/29/2014)
US News & World Report - 9 Ways to Handle Expiring Unemployment Benefits (2/19/2014)
TIME - Why Your Teens Would Share a Car But Not a Cellphone (1/29/2014)
LifeHealthPro- Personal Savings Dips Among Americans (1/27/2014) 


USA Today - 6 Ways to Avoid a Holiday Spending Hangover (12/8/2013)
- Young Adults More Interested In Saving Than Other Folks (11/7/2013)
LifeHealthPro - Survey Americans Keen to Save More (11/6/2013)
US News & World Report - The Secret to Saving More (11/5/2013)
Talk Radio News Service - Talk Radio News Service (11/4/2013)
American Banker - Young Americans the Most Interested in Saving: Survey (11/4/2013)
Today Show – Featured in Program (4/5/2013)
Washington Post - Time to Improve Your Financial Knowledge (4/3/2013)


New Haven Register - No Surprise: High Debt=Low Savings (3/15/2011) - Card Debt Hinders Savings (3/22/2011)
WiredVC - "Don't bet the farm," warns FDIC, as America Saves* 
Baltimore Sun - America saves -- do you?*
American Public Media / Marketplace - Report: More Americans worried about personal finances (2/22/2011)
Chicago Breaking Business - Recession still causing personal finance headaches (2/22/2011)
Reuters Blog - Savings: 3 ways to beef up your rainy-day fund* 
Star Globe Tribune - Wealth Management: Best Resource on Wealth Building Published (2/22/2011)
Florida Times-Union - How are you saving? (2/17/2011) 


Boston Globe - Automatic savings will prepare you for retirement, not to mention an emergency (Need paid subscription)
Chicago Tribune - Even in tight times, it's possible to start saving
Kiplinger's Personal Finance - 10 ways to trick Yourself Into saving
AOL WallPop - Impulse saving is a practice that everyone should try
AOL WallPop - It's America Saves Week, so why aren't you saving?
Register Citizen - Many without savings account at start of 'America Saves Week'
Kansas City Star -
FDIC Message: Start Saving, America
All Headline News - Banks Urged to Help Americans Save for Future


MSN Money- Want to sleep better? Save $500*
The Washington Times- Americans Fret over Retirement
U.S. News and World Report- Recession-Related Money Worries are Worse than Reality
The Sacramento Bee- Personal Finance: America Saves Week
Humberto Cruz syndicated column - Savings Game
Black Enterprise - 6 ways to save


Allie Johnson- Money and Credit Card Lessons from the Past
ThirdAge News Service- Big Savings Can Start with Small Amounts (Not the correct website)
The New York Times- First, self-control. Then, debt control.
ABC News - Net Gains: When Cutting Out Coffee Isn't Enough
Humberto Cruz syndicated column - Start thinking about savings now
Kathy Kristof syndicated column - No more excuses: simple ways to build your savings
Business Journal - Wachovia rolls out savings seminars - Befuddled by debt? You're not alone
NBC - Half of Households Saving, Survey Finds*
U.S. News and World Report Alpha Consumer Blog - This Week, Celebrate Saving
The Associated Press - Most Americans See Paying Off Mortgage
NPR Marketplace - Reframing Retirement Savings
The Associated Press - Savings Easier When It's Automatic


Baltimore Sun- More Readers' Tips on Building Savings
Foster's Online- Savings Urged During Special Week-Long Effort
Marketplace- Keeping that Rainy Day in Mind
LA Times- Pennies Saved Can Add Up in Your Savings Account
Kiplinger's-20 Small Ways to Save Big
Las Cruces Sun-News- Program Focuses on Saving Strategies*
CNSNews- 'Save Your Money' Campaign Gets A Boost
The Associated Press- Save a Little Now For Nest Egg Later


JumpStart Update- Consumer Federation Offers America Saves*
Hartford Courant- A Financial Plan Can Often Help Dreams Come True*
The Eagle- Consumer Credit: Savings Accounts Make Financial Sense*
MarketWatch- Six-figure savings? Most say 'unlikely'

2005 and earlier

The Journal News- Stretched to the Limit*
Daily Press- Just out of College? There is No Time Like Present to Plan for the Future
Chicago Tribune- Early Advice Big Help
Mercury News - How those who can't save can* 
MSNBC News - Lower Savings Among Hispanics
The Cleveland Plain Dealer - Save Loose Change, Roll into Savings* 
The Anniston Star - Goal: Building Wealth, Not Debt* 
Northwest Florida Daily News - Grow Worth by Saving* 
Northwest Florida Daily News - New Program Will Encourage Residents to Fatten Their Bank Accounts*
The Sun-Sentinel - Over time, small sacrifices have big effect on savings
The Cleveland Plain Dealer - Cleveland Saves People From the Shackles of Debt* 
The Charlotte Observer - Savings program seeking members* 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Financial counselor learned about bad debt the hard way*
The Philadelphia Inquirer - Savings initiative encourages people to set realistic goals* 
Parade Magazine - Build Your Wealth* 
Florida Times-Union - Savings tips to help you 'build wealth'* 
Parade Magazine - Top 10 Money Wasters* 
The New York Times - Lifting Blacks' Faith in the Markets
The Associated Press - Advice: Start Small to Save Money* 
The Cleveland Plain Dealer - Hatching A Nest Egg Plan* 
American Banker - Programs Tout Financial Literacy For All Ages
The Houston Chronicle - Save It* 
Scripps Howard News Service - Since September 11, Savings Rate Rises* 
Washington Post - Living for Today? Quite the Opposite
New York Times - Asking Americans To Build Their Savings
American Banker - Consumer Federation To Promote Savings
Charlotte Observer - Program Helps Get Savers Started* 
The Los Angeles Times/AP - Campaign Aims To Build Wealth*
Reuters - Black Americans' Wealth Increases, But Still Lags*

By Campaign:

America Saves

Arizona Saves, AZ

Arkansas Saves, AR

Calhoun Co. Saves, AL

California Saves, CA

Champaign County Saves, IL

Charles County Saves, MD

Charlotte Saves, NC

Clark County Saves, WI

Cleveland Saves, OH

Colorado Saves, CO

Columbus Saves, GA

Des Moines Saves, IA

DC Saves, DC

El Paso Saves, TX

First State Saves, DE

Gadsden Saves, FL

Georgia Saves, GA

Hancock County Saves, OH

Indy Saves, IL

Jacksonville Saves, FL

Jefferson County Saves, AL

Kansas City Saves, MO

Kansas State Saves, KS

Kentucky Saves, KY

LA Saves, CA

Langley Saves, VA

Louisiana Saves, LA

Louisville Saves, KY

Maryland Saves, MD

Miami Valley Saves, OH

Military Saves

Milwaukee Saves, WI

New Jersey Saves, NJ

North Carolina Saves, NC

Northwoods Saves, WI

Ohio Valley Saves, WV

Okaloosa Saves, FL

Pierce County Saves, WA

Peninsula Saves, VA

Pennsylvania Saves, PA

Philadelphia Saves, PA

Pittsburgh Saves, PA

San Diego, CA

South Dakota Saves, SD

SV/SB Saves , CA

Tampa Saves, FL

Tennessee Saves, TN

Texas Saves, TX

Virginia Tech Saves, VA

Utah Saves, UT

Utah State Saves, UT

York County Saves, MD

Arizona Saves

07/02/08 - The Arizona Republic – Savings plans can ease financial pressures
10/01/07 - Cronkite News- Residents face immense challenges to saving
04/24/05 - The Arizona Republic- No Time Like Present: Ready, Set, Save Money*
09/15/03 - East Valley Tribune - Arizona Saves helps families keep more income

Arkansas Saves

01/09/09 - University of Arkansas- Show me the Money!*

Calhoun County Saves

09/22/03 - The Anniston Star - Goal: Building Wealth, Not Debt

California Saves

04/01/09 - Ventura County Star- Californians urged to save, become financially literate

Champaign County Saves

02/12/09 - Steve Ayers- Financial Education is Focus of America Saves Week

Charles County Saves 

1/10/2014 - Southern Maryland News Net - Commissioners Proclaim Charles County Saves Week 

Charlotte Saves

02/24/08 - The Charlotte Observer - Habits Save Her from Stress of Debt*
10/06/06- The Charlotte Observer- Free Financial Advice*
06/11/03 - The Charlotte Observer - Savings program seeking members*

Clark County Saves

01/14/05- Marshfield News Herald- Bankers Offer Advice on Saving Money*

Cleveland Saves

4/16/2013 - Struggling with saving? America Saves will text you tips: Plain Dealing 
07/07/08 - SBLI USA- Sock Away Cash for Emergencies
07/13/04 - USA Today -
Building Wealth, Not Debt 
05/09/04 - Cleveland -
Greater Clevelanders learn to save virtually painlessly with free help* 
10/15/03 - The Cleveland Plain Dealer -
Save Loose Change, Roll into Savings* 
08/28/03 - The Cleveland Plain Dealer -
Cleveland Saves People From the Shackles of Debt* 
05/21/02 - The Cleveland Plain Dealer -
Cleveland Pioneers in Savings Education* 
03/06/01 - The Cleveland Plain Dealer -
Program Aims To Hook Greater Cleveland On Saving*

El Paso Saves

03/17/04 - El Paso Times - El Pasoans urged to build cash nest egg*
11/17/03 - Scripps Howard News Service - Savings Program Hopes to Reach Hispanics

First State Saves

03/11/08 - Univeristy of Delaware Daily- Professor O'Neill receives Star Saver Award
- Delaware Online - Delawareans urged to save their money*

Gadsden Saves

08/16/02 - Tallahassee Democrat - Gadsden County, Fla., Kicks Off Consumer Savings Program*
04/27/02 - Tallahassee Democrat - Gadsden Is Following Advice On Savings*
07/17/01 - Tallahassee Democrat - Gadsden Will Learn the Value Of Saving*

Georgia Saves

05/02/03 - Ledger-Enquirer - Columbus Saves program urges people to save and reduce debt*
01/26/03 - Savannah Now - Building stairways to wealth
12/02/02 - The Business Report - Georgia Saves Recruits Employers In Drive To Increase Savings

Indianapolis Saves

10/08/02 - The Indianapolis Star- New IndySaves Coordinator Has Passion for Job

Kansas City Saves

02/28/09 - The Morning Sun- Small Change: Every Amount Helps
02/26/07 - The Kansas City Star- Americans' Savings for Emergencies Falling Short
07/17/01 - Kansas City Star -A Little Change Makes Big Difference

Maryland Saves

03/01/07 -The Examiner-'Maryland Saves Week' Off and Running

Military Saves

04/01/09 - U.S. Army- 'Military Saves' encourages Soldiers to build nest egg
03/05/09 - The Dolphin- Filling Piggy Banks
02/28/07 - Navy News Stand- Service Members Learn About Saving and Investing

Milwaukee Saves

05/01/06 - Greater Milwaukee Today - Finding Hidden Money
05/07/03 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Financial counselor learned about bad debt the hard way

New Jersey Saves

02/15/09 - NJ Herald- "America Saves Week" Can Start Financial Stability
02/22/07 - Sparta Independent- New Jersey Saves Week Encourages Savings to Build Wealth

North Carolina Saves

09/27/05 - Winston Salem Journal- Encouraging North Carolinians to Save for Their Futures

Northwoods Saves

04/24/02 - Rhinelander Daily News - Northwoods Saves Gets People On The Saving Track

Okaloosa Saves

06/07/07 - Northwest Florida Daily News - Working to Build a Nest Egg
02/18/07 - Northwest Florida Daily News - A Nation of Debt
09/18/03 - Northwest Florida Daily News - Grow Worth by Saving
09/14/03 - Northwest Florida Daily News - New Program Will Encourage Residents to Fatten Their Bank Accounts
09/01/02 - Northwest Florida Daily News - Okaloosa Saves Plans to Make Savers Out of County Full of Spenders

Pierce County Saves

02/26/08 - Department of Retirement Services - America and Washington Saves
02/20/08 - Washington State Department - Governer Gregoire proclaims Washington Saves Week
02/20/09 - Washington State Department - Build wealth, not debt, during Washington Saves Week

Philadelphia Saves

10/01/04 - The Philadelphia Inquirer - Teaching bling-bling starts with save-save
04/23/03 - The Philadelphia Inquirer - Savings initiative encourages people to set realistic goals
06/04/02 - The Philadelphia Tribune - Campaign attacks 'financial illiteracy'
05/15/02 - The Philadelphia Inquirer - New Programs Target People On Financial Fringe

San Diego Saves

03/20/05 - The San Diego Union Tribune- Low-Income Residents Get Free Tax Aid
04/15/04 - San Jose Mercury News - Valley Group Wants To Get Low-Income Residents Saving

Tennessee Saves

02/28/08 - The University Echo- Debt rises among young population
02/13/08 - Town Talk - Local Tennessee Savers
02/10/08 - Cleveland Banner - Polk 4-H Clubs
01/23/04 - - Building Financial Sense is Aim of Program

Texas Saves

04/16/06 - Dallas Morning News - Financial Lessons Haven't Sunk in Yet

Virginia Tech Saves

02/24/09 - Collegiate Times- Organization Hopes to get Hokies into Saving

Utah Saves

02/24/09 - BYU NewsNet - Learn How to Secure Your Financial Future
01/22/06 - Deseret Morning News - Boost Bottom Line with Utah Saves
02/06/06 - KSL Editorials - Utah Saves
02/02/06 - Deseret Morning News - Dial 2-1-1 for free help with taxes
01/28/06 - The Salt Lake Tribune - Mediocre markets turn off investors
01/06/06 - Weber Sentinel News - Build wealth with Utah Saves
01/01/06 - The Salt Lake Tribune - Business Insight
11/17/05 - Deseret News - Program aims to help Utahns save

West Virginia Saves

Wheeling Intelligencer - Helping save W. VA's future

Ohio Saves

12/5/2013 - Extension Connection - OSU Extension and Ohio Sea Grant Help Toledo-area Business Association Create Business Retention and Expansion Plan
09/27/2013 - Vinton Daily - Ohio Saves a Helpful Tool in Saving Money


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Another Dream Realized

Mary Brown was already a disciplined individual when she came to Wisconsin Saves coordinator Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) in last summer. She had successfully completed her bachelor’s degree with the assistance of her husband and son, and was now ready to tackle her next big dream – homeownership.


Saving With My Boys

When Kelly was a kid, she loved the picture book A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams. In the story, a little girl lives in an apartment with her mother and grandmother. The little girl’s mother is a waitress and sole provider for their family. Together the family saves money by putting their change in a giant jar every day. They are saving for a big cushy chair for the little girl’s hard-working mother. Together with patience and diligence, they buy the mother a very comfy chair.


Starting Over

Until last summer, Michael Lindman spent money freely. “I was a union truck driver for 35 years and had a good income,” said Lindman. “I owned my own home, saved a little, and tried to live within my own budget. You always think there’s going to be that much coming in, but things can change in a split second.”