Personal Wealth Estimator

What are you worth today? What will you be worth in the future?

America Saves "Personal Wealth Estimator" is a two-part financial calculator. In the first part, you can determine your current net worth. If you wish, you can then proceed to the second part of the Estimator to determine your future net worth, based on assumptions that you make about additional savings, interest rates, rates of return, and other factors.

Please Read This: Keep in mind that the Estimator is just that. Unknowable stock yields and other variable factors mean that future net worth calculations are only estimates.

Your Privacy: We respect your privacy.The Personal Wealth Estimator will not store or otherwise collect any personal information about you. It puts no cookie on your computer. Since no information is being collected that is personally tied to you, there is nothing that can be sold or otherwise exchanged with a third party. In any event, such an exchange of information would violate our Privacy Policy. For more information about our Policy, click here.

Part 1: Estimating Your Current Net Worth

Please supply the following information in order to estimate your current net worth:

Financial Assets

Bank/Credit Union Checking and/or Savings Accounts (current balances) $
Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and U.S. Savings Bonds (current balances) $
IRAs (current balances/assets) $
Stocks/Mutual Funds (current assets) $
Retirement Plan -- 401k, 403b, STRS, profit-sharing (current assets) $
Life Insurance - whole, variable and universal (current cash value) $

Non-Financial Assets

House(s)/Other Real Estate (current market value) $
Car(s)/Truck(s)/Recreation Vehicle (s) (current value) $
Other - boats, motorcycles, furniture, appliance, collectibles (current value) $


Installment - auto, furniture, appliance (combined balances owed) $
Credit Cards (combined balances owed) $
First Home Mortgage (remaining principal owed) $
Second Mortgage/Home Equity Loan (amount owed) $
Loans from Retirement Plan (combined balances owed) $
Other Debts (combined amounts owed) $

Your Current Net Worth

Click here to proceed to Part 2: Calculating Your Future Net Worth

More info: "Understanding the Calculations..."