Saving As A Family Partner Resource Packet

As the pandemic continues to impact our economy and daily lives, the need to save is more important than ever. As adults, and specifically working parents, are experiencing unprecedented stressors, we want to encourage and remind you that saving is a family affair. It will take everyone working together, including your children, to do what’s necessary to stay on a healthy financial path.

America Saves has created a new Partner Resource Packet focused on the theme of “Saving As A Family,” which includes social media posts, new blogs, a new budgeting tool, and other resources to share with your community. 

Social Media Posts:

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We start kids young with almost everything— sports, school, so why not saving? Here are 5 Ways To Teach Kids How To Save At Home via @AmericaSaves


#SaveAsAFamily: Get creative by having low-cost family fun activities such as game nights, card games, (indoor or outdoor) movie nights, backyard campouts, and more. Get more ideas here: via @AmericaSaves


When was the last time you performed a budget review? There’s no time like the present! Check out this Spending and Saving Plan tool from @AmericaSaves.


Saving as a family starts with setting a goal and making a plan to reach it. Let @AmericaSaves help you create a plan to reach your family’s savings goal! Take the pledge today:

Social Media Conversation Starters:

Use these conversation starters to create dialogue and drive conversations with your community!

When is an appropriate time to start teaching your kids good saving habits? Do your kids know the value of saving money?

Is teaching your kids how to save difficult? Do you wish you had more examples of how to save as a family?

Have you created a budget to help your family save? Do you know how to properly create a budget?

Have you taken the America Saves Pledge? How has the America Saves Pledge helped you reach your savings goal?


Spending and Saving Plan tool

New Blog Posts:

Creating a budget for your family

5 Ways To Teach Kids How To Save At Home


Save as a Family || America Saves Week

Upcoming Events:

Financial Wellness in the Workplace: Help Your Employees Save Automatically in Just Five Easy Steps - Thursday, July 23, 2:00 pm Eastern Time, America Saves Facebook Page

#ThinkLikeASaver: Simple Strategies To Help You Save -  Save The Date | October 22

#ThinkLikeASaver: How Do I Pay Off Debt? - Save The Date | November 5

#ThinkLikeASaver: Saving For Major Life Milestones - Save The Date | November 19

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