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Tip of the Day

  • Having emergency savings may be the most important way to stay afloat financially

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Put 20 Percent Away

“I am a single mother, and I make ends meet for me and my daughter, but I wanted to put money away for my daughter for a college fund. So I started saving 20 percent of my paycheck every month to put it away in a savings account with a high Annual Percentage Yield (APY). By the time my daughter is 18, I will have saved nearly $90,000.”

Melissa took the America Saves Pledge at her work during America Saves Week 2019.

Melissa’s #1 Savings Tip: Take 20 percent out of each pay check, and put it away into a separate savings account.

Starting Over

Until last summer, Michael Lindman spent money freely. “I was a union truck driver for 35 years and had a good income,” said Lindman. “I owned my own home, saved a little, and tried to live within my own budget. You always think there’s going to be that much coming in, but things can change in a split second.”


Saving is a Family Affair

Saving is truly a family affair for Jeff’s household. During America Saves Week 2019, he pledged to save for retirement. But making a commitment and creating a plan to save isn’t a new concept for him.