The America Saves Summit: Attacking the Savings Crisis

Written by · 17 July 2019

The America Saves Summit: Attacking the Savings Crisis will feature prominent representatives from the government, private industry, financial services, academia, the military, the nonprofit sector, and the media for an in-depth conversation about the current status of saving in the United States. To meet the challenge presented by the savings crisis, diverse stakeholders will relay current efforts and planned strategies with an emphasis on what we can all do together to make a difference.
At the conclusion of the Summit, participants will be called to action to help reduce the number of Americans who find it difficult to save even $400 for an emergency.

Wednesday, November 6

Public Welfare Foundation – 1200 U Street NW

8:30am – 5:00pm


To be announced

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Best Summer Ever Challenge Resources

Written by · 08 July 2019

We encourage you to share the following social media post and graphic with your constituents, partners, and the general public. For more information on the Best Summer Ever Challenge, view the official rules & information page here

America Saves is encouraging and REWARDING you for having the Best Summer Ever! Enter to win the $100 Grand Prize and you could snag a Weekly Summer Prize Pack, too! Click to learn how to enter: https://bit.ly/bestummereverAS

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Saving is a Family Affair

Written by Reid Frankhauser · 30 May 2019

Whatever your family unit looks like, everyone must work together if you want to make saving a priority. In most circumstances, we build our financial foundation from experiences that we go through as children and youth.  In a financially stable household, everyone has a role to play.

For tips and tools on how everyone in your family can contribute to your household’s financial wellbeing, we encourage you to share the following articles, social media content, graphics and resources with your constituents, partners and the general public.

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Social Media

Want to start introducing good money habits to your children at a young age? Save with them! Have a piggy bank for each family member, adding to them at the end of each week. Get more #FamilyAffair Savings Tips at @AmericaSaves.

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While many teens know they should save, most aren’t taught how. By giving them a clear plan of saving 10% of all money earned, they will learn good savings habits that will follow them throughout life. #FinancialLiteracy @AmericaSaves

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Creating a list of free or low cost activities for your family to work through ensures a memorable summer vacation while keeping your savings and financial goals in check. Visit AmericaSaves.org for inspiration of your own #SummerSavingsBucketList

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A lesson all kids can learn early: the pride that comes with #saving for something they want! Encouraging your child to sell toys they no longer play with, or even having a bake sale or lemonade stand puts them on the path to smart #money habits. Tip from @AmericaSaves


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Family can be great accountability partners when it comes to saving! Make a savings goal, and choose a reward to celebrate once you accomplish it. Create a fun tracker so everyone can see your progress! Get more tips at @AmericaSaves or visiting americasaves.org.


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From America Saves:


Blog Content

For use in communications that directly reach your constituents. We encourage you to use this content as guest posts or rewrite America Saves content as your own. 

Four Easy Ways to Make Saving a Family Affair

America Saves

Everyone in your household can play a role in the financial success of your home. Here are four easy ways to make saving a priority for everyone under your roof.

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Saving as a Family

By Elizabeth Kiss, Ph.D., Kansas Saves

Sometimes when children hear their parents or other adults in their lives talking about cutting spending or saving money, they assume that the family is going through a rough patch. As appropriate based on children’s ages, family conversations about money goals, including saving and spending plans, reassure children. It is also a great way to introduce (or remind) children about the reasons we save.

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Six fun ways to save as a family

By Janet Alvarez, Wisebread.com

Meeting financial goals as a family can be challenging. But inspiring your family to help and contribute to a financial goal doesn’t have to be a painful process, especially when the result is an exciting vacation, a car, or college savings. In the spirit of America Saves Week, I’ll share some ideas on how to save as a family for all those items and bucket-list experiences.

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Best Summer Ever Bucketlist Challenge

Written by · 14 June 2019
Throughout the month, share a photo or video enjoying low-to-no cost summer fun activities. Simply post your video or photo with a caption to Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #BestSummerEverAS.
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Building an Emergency Fund

Emergency Savings Savings Mindset Savings Crisis
Written by America Saves · 30 May 2019

 We’ve all heard of the best practice of having three to six months of expenses saved for an emergency fund. While that is a great goal for some people, that can be an overwhelming place to start for others. Instead, America Saves encourages our savers to start with an emergency fund of $500.

A speeding ticket can set you back a couple hundred dollars. Have you ever shattered your cell phone? That can put you back a couple hundred dollars. The same goes for many other unexpected expenses that occur all the time. A hundred dollars here, three hundred dollars on some new tires there. We’ve all been there. Having access to just $500 will help cushion your bank account when those expenses hit.

Regardless of your current financial situation, America Saves has some tips and tricks to get you closer to establishing an emergency fund so that you can feel financially confident when those real-life unexpected expenses occur.

For tips and tools on how to build an emergency fund, we encourage you to share the following articles, social media content, graphics, and resources with your constituents, partners and the general public.

Social Media Posts

Please incorporate these posts (as written or changed to suit your brand voice) into your social media content over the month of August. They will be great to share with your community to get them in a savings mindset!

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Life comes at you fast. We want you to be ready for those small, inconvenient emergencies that "pop up"— like a car or home repair. We encourage you to "Set a goal. Make a plan." by taking the @AmericaSaves pledge, and receive tips and nudges to help you #save.


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Savings made easy: Pick something and cut it. Simple things like cutting cable, or taking your lunch vs. going out, and diverting that cash into savings will have you well on your way to your $500 Emergency Fund! Get more tips from @AmericaSaves here: bitly.com/2ZmjUIR

Which one of these have you experienced unexpectedly? According to the Federal Reserve, less than 1/2 of Americans have $400 in cash saved to help in the case of an emergency. Here are 38 more reasons why you should #save. Read it & take the @AmericaSaves pledge: http://bit.ly/2M4p6y5


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Time for a Financial Check-Up! Summer Solstice may be done for 2019, but we still have savings goals to meet, right? Use this checklist to make sure you're on the right track. http://bit.ly/2yuj0OI


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Conversation Starters:

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It's "Back to School" season, which can be costly for parents! What are some of your best tips on saving on those back to school supplies and clothes?

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While it's only August, the holidays will be here before you know it! Do you save up for the holiday season year-round, or work Holiday shopping into your budget during October - December?


Blog Content:

Six Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your Emergency Fund

Most Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings

Start an Emergency Fund Today–You Will Thank Yourself Later

5 Ways to Start and Maintain an Emergency Fund

Summer Solstice Financial Checkup

38 Reasons You Need at Least a $5000 Emergency Fund


Automated Savings


SallieMae and America Saves are hosting the #SavingForCollege Twitter Chat Wednesday, September 25th at 2pm

Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for more information as we get closer to this event.

Tip of the Day

  • Written by Katie Bryan | November 18, 2013

    Save for #presents rather than relying on #credit http://ow.ly/pV4nN

Saver Tips and Stories View all »

#ImSavingFor Winner Story

Written by Lindsay Ferguson | June 13, 2019

America Saves awarded one lucky saver, Pedram R. from California, $750 for sharing his #ImSavingFor story. Pedram said, “Saving is important to me because it proves I am not willing to buy unnecessary things to please others or to be perceived as successful.”


Getting Out of Debt

Written by Katie Bryan | October 28, 2013

In 2004, Tonya Shelton was facing financial ruin. Barely making more than minimum wage and having lost her home to an unexpected family crisis, Shelton and her family were forced to live in a rundown hotel.


Put 20 Percent Away

Written by Lindsay Ferguson | July 8, 2019

“I am a single mother, and I make ends meet for me and my daughter, but I wanted to put money away for my daughter for a college fund. So I started saving 20 percent of my paycheck every month to put it away in a savings account with a high Annual Percentage Yield (APY). By the time my daughter is 18, I will have saved nearly $90,000.”

Melissa took the America Saves Pledge at her work during America Saves Week 2019.

Melissa’s #1 Savings Tip: Take 20 percent out of each pay check, and put it away into a separate savings account.