For First Time Workers

Written by Katie Bryan · 26 March 2014

Congratulations on starting your new job!

As part of your orientation, your employer wants to help you set up a way to save money successfully. There are three parts to this saving section. First we will ask you a few questions, then you will watch a short video on why saving money is important, and at the end you will take the savers pledge where you will pick a savings goal and create a plan to save. 

FTW Implementation Page

Written by Katie Bryan · 25 March 2014

You are on your way to implementing your own first-time worker program!

Below are all the materials and links you will need to implement your program. Please download each piece.

For Group Presentations


  • Young America Saves Pledge Form (PDF) (Online form)
    • the form for savers to select a savings goal and create a savings plan

         Post Orientation Survey:

  • We want to hear from your employers on how the orientation went. If you have access to the internet during your session please have them complete this survey.


For One-On-One Presentations

America Saves Week Research

Written by Administrator2 · 24 February 2014

Implementing Your First Time Worker Program

Written by Katie Bryan · 25 March 2014

Did you know that financial stress is the number one concern of American employees and that the average employee spends 28 hours each month worried about, calculating, or stressed over finances? This costs employers on average $5,000 a year in lost productivity. You can change this with the help of America Saves.

Our first-time worker program provides a spot light on the importance of saving and saving automatically through work, through a short video presented at orientation. The video supports two immediate action steps. Following the video employees:

  • make a saving commitment by identifying a savings goal and a dollar amount to be saved out of each paycheck
  • sign up for direct deposit.  Partner financial institutions are providing appropriate accounts to un-banked employees.

Step 1: Download the information packet (or learn more about the program - would take them to a page that outlines the program)

Step 2: Sign up to implement the program

Step 3: Implement your program (We can send them an email after they sign up with a private link to a page with the video and other downloads)

For more information contact:

George Barany
Director, Financial Education and Young America Saves
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We want to spotlight the importance and opportunity to save through work for younger employees.It has been found that financial stress is the number one concern of American employees and that the average employeespends 28 hours each month worried about, calculating, or stressed over finances. This is costing employers on average $5,000 a year in lost productivity according to a 2010 Federal Reserve Bank study.

Assess Your Savings Plan

Written by Katie Bryan · 10 February 2014

Tip of the Day

  • Written by Administrator2 | January 6, 2014

    First saving strategy: Pay off high-cost debt http://ow.ly/sj3vP

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