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One thing veterans have in common is the experience of unique financial opportunities and challenges. On your journey to becoming more financially stable, having a trusted resource and community that meets you where you are and gives practical, easy-to-implement tips and strategies is a complete game changer. Enter Veteran Saves: your savings accountability partner. Join our community for support with saving successfully, reducing debt, building wealth, and more.


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Savings Insights

Saving For Major Milestones

09.01.2023 By AAFMAA

Saving for Major Milestones

Major milestones — events that mark a turning point in your life — often require additional expenses or signify a change in your financial circumstances. To avoid any issues, you should anticipate how milestones will impact your bottom line and create a plan to deal with those additional costs. In fact, saving for major milestones is a sound strategy to include in your overall financial planning.

Emergency Savings

08.16.2023 By AAFMAA

How to Save for an Emergency

One thing all Veterans have in common is knowing how to be prepared for unexpected events. Sometimes, being prepared means having enough cash on hand to get you through any adverse situation without resorting to loans or incurring credit card debt — whether it be an unexpected (and expensive) car repair or medical bills or even a natural disaster. Having an emergency fund is essential to your preparedness for facing life’s financial surprises head-on.

06.21.2023 By AAFMAA

Legacy Planning — It’s for Everyone

There is a common misconception that legacy planning is for the extremely wealthy. But what is “wealthy?” Everyone's assessment of what constitutes wealth is different, and everyone has their own version of what it means to leave a legacy behind.


By Krystel Spell

6 Money Saving Reasons You Should Use the VA Loan When Buying A Home

The VA loan program is a great benefit of military service that provides many money saving options and empowers Veterans to achieve their dreams of homeownership.


05.30.2023 By Krystel Spell

Finding the Right Lender for Veteran Home Buyers

Embarking on the path to homeownership is an exciting endeavor for anyone, but finding the right lender is important. With unique challenges and benefits specific to the Veteran community, it's essential to partner with a lender who understands your needs and can guide you through the process.


05.30.2023 By Krystel Spell

Housing Resources for Unhoused Veterans

In the veteran community, many individuals face the challenge of being without a place to call home and often struggle to access the assistance they need.

04.25.2023 By VBBP

Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP)

Veterans and their beneficiaries have more options for receiving VA benefits via direct deposit, as well as access to financial services at participating banks and credit unions.



ABLE Accounts for Veteran Families

ABLE accounts are a relatively new financial tool that can help people with disabilities and their families save money for disability-related expenses. These accounts are designed to provide tax-free savings for individuals with disabilities and their families, and they can be used to pay for a wide range of expenses, including medical care, housing, education, and more. If you or a loved one is a veteran with a disability, an ABLE account could be a valuable resource. Here's what you need to know.

Saving Habits

04.19.2023 By Kia McCallister-Young, AFC®

Veterans: What's Your Money Personality?

Whether you're a veteran, a family member, or a caregiver each of us has a ‘Money Personality’ that gives insight into our relationship with money, our impulses, how we save, and how we spend. Knowing yours is the first step in creating positive financial habits that get you closer to your goals.

Automatic Savings

Save Automatically

The easiest and most effective way to save is automatically. This is how millions of employees save through 401(k) and other retirement programs at work. If you’re intimidated, remember what we say: “Start Small, Think Big.”

Founding Partners

Partner spotlight

04.24.2023 By VBBP

Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP)

Veterans and their beneficiaries have more options for receiving VA benefits via direct deposit, as well as access to financial services at participating banks and credit unions.


Veteran Saves is a program of America Saves and sister program to Military Saves. Our mission is to increases the financial confidence and well-being of American Veterans and transitioning service members so that they can save successfully, reduce debt, and build wealth.

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