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August 13, 2012

By Katie Bryan, America Saves Communications Manager

From Summer American Saver 2012 Newsletter

Across the country, campaigns are continuing to spread the word about savings and financial responsibility in a variety of ways:

West Virginia Saves held a Money & Kids workshop at the Wheeling Housing Authority on July 12th. All of the children in attendance registered as Savers and were eligible to win one of two $500.00 college scholarships.

Somerset Saves is featuring a client on their website who received financial coaching and joined Somerset Saves. She has been saving and reaching her financial goals with the help of coaching.

Silicon Valley/ South Bay Saves, along with Workforce Institute, have been instructing classes for displaced employees from all walks of life. The classes feature resources from America Saves and tips on how to save in a down economy. They also emphasize paying off high-interest debts, saving for emergencies, and learning how to budget between wants and needs.


North Carolina Saves has issued two newsletters, conducted two financial workshops on Money and Emotions, and one on Basic Money Management since March of 2012. The IDA and Asset Building Collaborative of NC has also enrolled in the Aspen Institute's Asset Platform Financial Products Pilot, which offers appropriate and affordable prepaid debit cards and small dollar, short-term loans. They plan to promote this program in two new projects beginning this fall:  Youth Financial Empowerment and Workplace Based Financial Literacy.

Milwaukee Saves teamed up with the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) and the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation to teach a Make Your Money Talk financial literacy course, which teaches students how to manage their budgets, use credit wisely, and build savings. They recently graduated their largest class ever of 129 students. The program offers an Individual Development Account (IDA) component for HACM residents that match each dollar saved by the student with two dollars. The combined funds can then be used to pay for education, starting a business, or investing in a home. Milwaukee Saves has graduated over 700 students as well as helped 124 graduates buy their first homes through the program.

Kentucky Saves is gearing up to launch its third annual piggy bank design contest. The contest will begin in September and run through December. Fourteen winning entries will be displayed at the State Capitol during the month of February to celebrate Kentucky Saves and America Saves Week.

Kansas City Saves, in partnership with their local Bank On campaign and nine financial institutions, has opened over 300 savings accounts with deposits totaling $205,000 since July 2011. Together, they are also working on a financial education website that will publish information on every finance workshop in Kansas City.

Illinois Saves, in collaboration with Heartland Human Care Services, Inc. (HHCS) and Illinois Head Start Association (IHSA), will create a Wealth & Wellness curriculum that provides community leaders and practitioners with the tools to facilitate basic financial management and asset development workshops and support services. During these Train-the-Trainer Sessions, educators from HHCS’ asset building team will facilitate up to 32 hours of training community leaders and practitioners how to effectively use the Wealth & Wellness curriculum to enhance the asset health of their participants and communities.These financial education workshop series will be conducted in up to three regions of Illinois.

Indy Saves is now a partner with Indianapolis Campaign for Financial Fitness (ICFF) which has three pillars: Bank on Indy, Free Tax Preparation, and Financial Education.

Greater Cincinnati Saves is announcing a new partnership with the Bank On Cincinnati campaign where participants can take advantage of America Saves resources for building financial stability.  Greater Cincinnati Saves is also reaching out to parents of preschoolers through a financial literacy program in libraries for young children.

Florida Saves has continued to offer the Florida Saves 2020 workshop and has had over 1,000 people complete it in 2012. They have also been working to expand their youth outreach in the Florida Saves 4 Youth Program, which includes bracelets, camps, and other programs. They are developing a new youth financial literacy program and plan to include it in their Florida Saves 4 Youth Campaign. Also, beginning this fall with the State Chief Financial Officer, they are launching an essay contest targeting high school students.

Cleveland Saves is planning a Roll Your Change Week for October 2012, which will include financial institutions, nonprofits, and workplace associations. Participating financial institutions will accept rolled change, and clients will be entered into drawings for prizes.

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