True Story: Save Automatically. Win Rewards!

April 25, 2012

By Jean Park, SaveUp director of marketing

Back in January, America Saves teamed up with SaveUp, an innovative free rewards program where American Savers can get rewarded for saving money and paying down debt.Together, we hosted a $1000 Savings Prize to motivate Americans keep their New Year’s resolution to save more money. This prize was awarded to Laura Nyberg of Amalga, Utah. Laura works at a government agency that helps low-income families improve their financial asset building by setting goals, creating budgets, and building savings---which is how she came to learn about America Saves.

Although Laura was already pretty money-savvy when it came to her personal finances, America Saves has also helped her plan for the future of her own family, particularly in terms of retirement for Laura and her husband, and their children’s education. This year’s theme for America Saves Week, “Set a goal. Make a plan. Save automatically” especially helped motivate her to save:


I had all these intentions to start savings accounts for my kids, but we always had new expenses--something’s always breaking down. I was reading through a lot of the America Saves newsletters and they really encouraged me. Now, as soon as I get paid, money automatically goes into a savings account for my kids and an account for me.



The Nyberg family also owns their own horses and Laura has even set up a savings fund for their four-legged family members. She is also working on building up savings for her family’s emergency fund, just in case any unexpected expenses pop up along the way. As for her $1000 prize? Besides the bit that will go towards fixing her husband’s truck, the majority is going right into savings.


SaveUp has now become part of Laura’s morning routine along with her cup of coffee—a fun way to keep track of how much you’re saving and play for a variety of great prizes. If you’re interested in joining SaveUp, you can register today at and earn 100 bonus credits for being part of America Saves.

Since its launch in November 2011, SaveUp has grown considerably, and now its users have deposited over $55 million into savings accounts and paid down $29 million dollars of debt. For every dollar of money saved, SaveUp users earn credits that they can use to play for great prizes, including vacations, cars, and even a $2 million jackpot.