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Across the country, campaigns are continuing to spread the word about savings and financial responsibility in a variety of ways. If you would like to get in touch with a campaign near you click here, or if you would like to get involved or spearhead a campaign in your community, click here:

News from the Road

Kansas City Saves

Kansas City Saves is now part of a newly formed 501(c)(3), Next Steps KC. This nonprofit will not only offer saving advice and financial education opportunities through the Kansas City Saves program, but will also partner with the local tax initiative and small dollar loan programs to provide a wide range of resources for consumers.


Military Saves

The recent first-time Military Saves “National Guard Summer Savings Drive” saw 83 participants sign up through to represent their state or installation, covering 40 states and territories. During the month of June, they encouraged guard members and their families to take the Military Saves pledge as a commitment to exercise good financial habits using a Military Saves participation kit with sample activities and a digital communication kit. The result? 1,146 pledges.


North Carolina Saves

Join North Caroling Saves for the 2013 Pathways to Prosperity Conference October 16-17 at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham. The conference will explore the integration of asset development in recent research, community partnership successes, savings innovations, and consumer finance reforms, and will include new mini-conferences for more in-depth learning. North Carolina State Treasurer Janet Cowell will discuss her efforts to promote financial education and savings across the lifespan, from youth through retirement. For more information, visit, where you can register to be entered into a conference scholarship drawing.


Okaloosa Saves

The results from Okaloosa Saves’ annual Teaching Children to Save program are in: 122 youth made numerous deposits into savings accounts totaling $12,237.28 over a 3-month period. Since 2004, local youth have deposited over $221,000 into area financial institutions. Over the summer, Okaloosa Saves and University of Florida/Okaloosa Extension offered a Money Adventures day camp for ages 12-16, where youth explored managing their money, banking, how to write a check, how to buy a car, the importance of good credit, and more.


University of Illinois Saves

This fall the University of Illinois USFSCO Student Money Management Center (SMMC) will host a #UIMoney tweet chat series where students can join in on fun, relevant, and educational conversations on all things money! Click here for more detailed descriptions and dates. All tweet chats will be on Thursdays between 4-5 p.m. CST. With Saves co-coordinator University of Illinois Extension, SMMC will offer a new webinar series, “Get Savvy – Grow Your Green Stuff,” from September 2013 through April 2014. The webinars will focus on equipping college students with the tools to overcome a variety of financial challenges they may face in today’s world. Click here for more information and links to register.


Welcome New Campaigns!

America Saves welcomes two new campaigns spearheaded by cooperative extension, Ohio Saves and Northern Virginia Saves. Led by the Arlington County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension, Northern Virginia Saves is coordinated by Jennifer Abel. Ohio State University Extension heads Ohio Saves with Betsy DeMatteo serving as coordinator. For more information on these campaigns, visit:


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