2013 Top America Saves Saver Goals

In 2013, those who joined America Saves pledged to save a total of $ 2,916,543.59 towards their savings goals. The top three saving goals remained the same as in 2011 and 2012: saving for an emergency fund, education, and debt repayment. Saving for retirement dropped for the second year in a row from #8 to #10. Saving for a consumer product and a special event both increased in 2013, with consumer product jumping five spots on the list.


In 2013, America Saves Savers top goals included:

  1. Emergency Fund (–) 30.02%
  2. Education (–) 15.1%
  3. Debt Repayment (–) 11.29%
  4. Consumer Product (+5) 6.83%
  5. Motor Vehicle (–) 6.30%
  6. Vacation (–) 6.02%
  7. Investment Savings (-3) 5.44%
  8. Special Event (+2) 4.70%
  9. Homeownership (-2) 3.97%
  10. Retirement (-2) 3.54%

This data comes from the information savers provide when they Pledge to Save with America Saves.

The annual America Saves Savings Survey, released during America Saves Week, finds that only half of Americans have good savings habits. However, individuals with a savings plan are much more likely to spend less than their income and save the difference, have adequate emergency savings, and among the non-retired, say they are saving enough towards retirement.