Woman holding up the keys to her new car at a used car lot

Looking at new cars? Look at these videos first

Having your own car could help you earn more, spend less, and get better value housing. But it can take a big effort to save for the down payment, monthly payments, and maintenance. Households spend, on average, more than $8,000 on their cars each year. Learn more about saving for a car.

If your savings goal is to buy a car, and you’re almost ready to make the purchase, make sure you watch these four short videos from the Federal Trade Commission first. You worked hard to save, so make sure to protect yourself and your money when shopping for a new car.

Spotting deceptive ads:

Buying a used car:

Financing a car:

Understanding car add-ons:

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Is there a car in your future? Watch 1min video from @FTC on what you need to know #carbuying: http://bit.ly/2adb5cg h/t @AmericaSaves
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