Top Tips from American Savers

In a recent survey of savers we asked for your best tips and stories and you delivered! 

Story: Wood Stove or a Wedding Ring 

“I am celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary this year! My husband suggested we use our tax refund and to buy me a new wedding ring. We live in Fairbanks Alaska where it is winter for most of the year (or at least feels it), and the idea of using the tax refund for a wood stove came up as well. I calculated how much my ring would be, and how much a new stove, installation and firewood would be. I also calculated how much fuel we used in a year -so decided to go with the wood stove, with this compromise: the savings of fuel costs (due to the wood stove usage) would go into a savings account, and when that reached the amount of my ring, we would purchase it in full!” 

Story: Paying Off Debt

I like the tip that paying off debt is a form of saving. My husband and I set and achieved a hard-earned goal of paying extra money on our mortgage every month until it was paid off. We are now completely debt free and building our savings accounts for things like a new car and adding to our emergency fund. It is a great feeling knowing that we will be able to pay cash for our next car!”

Story: Reducing Credit Card Debt

“Once I was able to pay off a credit card, I immediately cancelled the card to keep from using it again, and then applied that payment amount toward another credit card balance. My friend refuses to cancel his cards, saying it will hurt his credit score, then racks up the debt again. He can't figure out why my debts are decreasing, and his aren't, even though we put roughly the same amount of money toward debts every month.

Have a Tip or Story? 

We would love to hear about all of your unique ways of meeting your savings goals.  Tell us your story.  Tell us how hard you and your family worked.  Your story of saving will definitely inspire others to follow suit!  We’d also love to hear about any unique savings tips you may have.  If we choose your tip or story for the newsletter, we will send you a check for $25 - you can take that straight to the bank or credit union! 

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