my Social Security Week

This week (August 17 – 23, 2014), the Social Security Administration (SSA) is hosting their first National mySocial Security Week to encourage individuals to sign up for a my Social Security account. During the course of the week, the SSA will be hosting events across the country, as well as raising awareness through social media about the benefits of opening a my Social Security account.

The internet has been buzzing about recent studies showing that almost half of Americans are not saving for retirement. Not only do we know that starting retirement savings early is a great thing – especially with our friend Compound Interest, but what’s more is that nearly 80 million baby boomers will be retiring over the next 20 years. Anyone not using the present to plan for retirement will likely be setting themselves up for a less than golden future. Opening a my Social Security account can help you to plan for retirement and manage your social security benefits.

So what are the benefits of opening an account? First and foremost, it’s free! Beyond that, an account will allow those not yet receiving benefits to:

Anyone already receiving benefits can use an account to get benefit verification letters, update contact and direct deposit information, manage their account, and obtain access to benefit information.

As part of National mySocial Security Week, the SSA is also launching a Thunderclap, a coordinated social media message launched together on August 20. Any and all are encouraged to participate in the Thunderclap using Twitter, Tumblr, or personal Facebook accounts in order to encourage friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to create their own account. If you’re interested in participating, visit

We realize that not everyone can participate in the Week or in their accounts digitally. If you have a relative, friend, or acquaintance who needs to talk to a Social Security representative about preparing for or managing their benefits, look up their local Social Security office by zip code here: