McCallister-Young Tapped to Expand the Growth and Impact of America Saves as It Enters New Era


Kristin Carver Smith


Kathryn Pasche


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) March 7, 2022 —The Consumer Federation of America’s Executive Director, Jack Gills, today announced the appointment of Kia McCallister-Young as Director of the organization America Saves, a non-profit organization and initiative of the CFA. McCallister-Young, who most recently served as the Co-Director of America Saves, will lead the America Saves team as it supports low-to-moderate income households to save money, reduce debt and build wealth.

“America Saves is entering a new era,” said Gillis. “One that renews its commitment to supporting all Americans when it comes to their personal finances, with a particular emphasis on low-wage to moderate-income earners and marginalized communities.”

Gillis continued: “That renewed commitment is the perfect time for the organization to be led by someone with the same values as those who America Saves seeks to serve. Kia's leadership qualities, background in communications, and her three years of experience at America Saves provides an excellent background to uphold the mission, vision and commitments of the organization. We look forward to Kia expanding both the growth and impact of America Saves and leading the incredibly talented America Saves staff on this critically important wealth-building mission.”

McCallister-Young joined the America Saves team in 2019, where she led a revitalization of the organization’s marketing, branding and community outreach. Since then, she’s led a number of initiatives, including overseeing America Saves’ annual America Saves Week and partnering with nearly 3100 organizations to encourage Americans to prioritize savings.

“It's a tremendous and humbling honor to be named Director of an organization whose impact is felt through every corner of this country,” said McCallister-Young. “I've been passionate about America Saves since I joined the team in 2019 because I am the exact person we serve. As a US Air Force Veteran and former military spouse raising three children in different age ranges in a high cost of living area, a single mother and a Black woman — the stories of the Savers we support are front and center because they're also my story.”

McCallister-Young added, “I'm thrilled to continue expanding our work to reach even more Americans through collaboration and strategic partnerships. We have some ambitious but necessary plans underway, and I'm excited to lead our team in bringing it all to life.”

To learn more about America Saves visit https://americasaves.org/.




About America Saves

America Saves is a campaign managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America that uses the principles of behavioral economics and social marketing to motivate, encourage, and support low-to-moderate income households to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. America Saves encourages individuals and families to take the America Saves pledge and organizations to promote savings year-round and during America Saves Week. Since its inception, over 12,000 organizations have participated in America Saves Week to promote savings to their communities. Learn more at americasaves.org.