A New Year, A Fresh Start

This month we’re focusing on starting 2023 with a fresh start! This includes getting a clear view of your finances, recovering from holiday debt or overspending, breaking savings barriers, and increasing your income if you’re in a spot to make some extra. We have many resources that support this message for our Saver communities! We’ve put together the Partner Resource Packet below that has everything all in one place for you.

Resources & Social Posts:

Getting A Clear View Of Your Finances:

  1. So you’ve decided that it’s time for you to get (more) serious about your finances, particularly saving. Great! This is a critical moment that happens for most working-class Americans, no matter how much money you’re making. >> https://americasaves.org/resource-center/insights/how-to-start-your-savings-journey/
  2. Many Americans don’t have an accurate idea of the true state of their own finances, and around one-third are surprised to find that their situation is different than they thought. This, along with the new year, will lead many of us to set some resolutions around improving our financial health and well-being. In this article, @AmericaSaves breaks down everything you need to know about setting a monthly money date. >> https://americasaves.org/resource-center/insights/what-you-need-to-know-about-setting-a-monthly-money-date/
  3. Using the Spending and Saving Tool from America Saves is a great way to get a clear picture of your household’s finances as we start the new year! >> https://americasaves.org/resource-center/insights/6-steps-to-establishing-a-spending-savings-plan/ 

Recovering From Holiday Debt/ Overspending:

  1. No one wants to start the new year with the heavy weight and worry that comes along with debt. Tackling it can be intimidating and leaves most of us overwhelmed and stressed out. With that in mind, @AmericaSaves has put together a few easy steps you can take to tackle your holiday debt and start the new year off on the path to improved financial health. >> https://americasaves.org/resource-center/insights/5-easy-steps-to-tackle-your-debt-while-saving/ 

Breaking Savings Barriers:

  1. If you want to break unhealthy cycles around money so that you can begin to save more money, check out this podcast episode by @AmericaSaves, How Emotions Influence Your Money Habits. >> https://americasaves.org/resource-center/podcasts/episode-8-how-emotions-influence-your-money-habits/ 

Making Some Extra Money:

  1. Like many of us, you may have found that you could use a little more money this year. Whether you’re trying to save, pay off debt or just make ends meet, some extra cash could go a long way. >> https://americasaves.org/resource-center/insights/15-ways-to-earn-extra-money/ 

General New Year Resources: 

  1. There are many steps on your savings journey. When building your savings foundation, there’s no amount too small to save. It’s all about building your solid savings habits! >> Episode 10 of the Think Like A Saver Podcast by @AmericaSaves: How To Start Saving https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-10-how-to-start-saving/id1636330784?i=1000579287232
  2. Make a pledge to yourself and create a simple savings plan that works. Complete the Pledge and @AmericaSaves will send you short emails, text reminders, resources, and tips to keep you on track toward your savings goal. >> https://americasaves.org/what-to-save-for

Social Media Conversation Starters:

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  • BE HONEST: How are you feeling about your finances right now? Has 2023 provided you with a feeling of a clean slate/fresh start? 
  • What savings barriers are you trying to overcome right now? 💰
  • Are you confident in your ability to create a spending & savings plan (aka budget) that you can actually stick to?
  • Are you considering starting a side hustle in 2023?


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