Housing Resource Packet

June is National Homeownership Month! Homeownership is considered a huge part of the “American Dream,” and a goal many of our Savers are working toward, in spite of the current inflation, rising interest rates, and overall housing market. While some may be working towards homeownership, others may choose that renting is the best choice for them (and that's okay!).

With this Housing Partner Resource Packet, you’ll be able to support your community with tools, tips, and content that will assist them in their decision to purchase or rent a home.

We encourage you to share the following social media content, blog posts, resources, and videos with your customers, members, constituents, and audience.

Social Media Posts

While homeownership may be tempting, don't overlook the advantages of renting. Make an informed decision that suits your unique circumstances! Check out the pros and cons of homeownership vs. renting from @AmericaSaves staff Amelia Simons. >> https://bit.ly/438XUlP 

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Whether you're looking to buy your dream home or looking to rent a place that feels like home, improving your credit score has many advantages! @AmericaSaves >> https://bit.ly/45FvxNE 

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🏠Tips from @AmericaSaves. >> Before you assume you don't qualify for a loan, be sure to talk to a lender! They can inform you about the options available to you- such as a conventional loan, FHA loan, USDA loan, VA loan, etc.

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🏡 Homeownership is an exciting journey, and is considered a large part of the "American Dream." While your first home can be a thrilling adventure, there are many unexpected costs associated. @AmericaSaves Learn more. >> https://bit.ly/45FwmGe 

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Text Messages

1. Looking for housing? Should you rent or buy? Make an Informed choice! >> https://bit.ly/438XUlP 

2. Hey, Military Service Members! Are you dreaming of your own home or a cozy rental? Boost your credit rating for better options. Learn more. >> https://bit.ly/ms-credit-tips 

3. Using the VA Loan on your next home purchase? Choosing the right lender is crucial. Here’s how. >> https://bit.ly/home-lender-military 

4. Discover 5 smart tips to save money during your PCS move🏡 . Say goodbye to financial stress. Check it out. >> https://bit.ly/3thuX6Q 


From the #ThinkLikeASaver - Buying Your First Home town hall, our moderators discuss the steps involved in buying a home starting with making the decision. Buying a home is the largest purchase most Americans will ever make and the process can be tough to navigate as first-time home buyers. Join America Saves along with experts and influencers to get intimate insight, reality checks, strategies, and resources that clearly answer questions. Savers walk away from this town hall with the knowledge and tools to prepare them to confidently save for and purchase their first home.